Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here goes...sock dolls first up

Here are some of my latest sock dolls
...one lucky (or perhaps unlucky cat with no arms as yet) and a finished one for my brother (which he has already received and said that it was "awesome"). Orders are steadily arriving from other family members, mainly for their personal chinese horoscope animal. It's a pleasure to make these for those who appreciate them and will give them a good home.


  1. These sock dolls are so cute! I love the idea of your website. I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations. We all love receiving your gifts too...

  2. Thanks for positive feedback about my new blog. Glad you think it's nice to share my creations with everyone. Maybe someting for you, C or E will appear in blog soonish.

  3. Oops...I meant something not someting...