Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time for Clearview

 Now that Winter is truly over it seemed like the right time to finally work on my Clearview Doll House.  The shell of the house has been sitting in my office for months whilst I have been spending time knitting.  Finally I was motivated to set up the lighting, seal, paint and get some furniture into some rooms.

The difficulty is always trying to plan ahead so that components aren't glued in place for infinity when I actually wanted to add something else...like extra lighting.  Anyway, I moved past that by working constantly on the
the lighting and now I am trying to complete the floors...three coats of varnish!  As soon as the floor was dry in the dining room I just had to set up the scene.  My son also gave me a hand and put together a mini meal as a celebration!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Knitting like a fiend!

Ravelry is fantastic!  Found this beautiful vest pattern Milo bytalented designer Georgie Hallam and now have already made three for family and friends.  Another to be cast on very shortly after I have finished another knitted item for a friend's birthday.  What is even better is that I am able to use up some stash yarn where I only have a small amount left...then again I have actually purchased some more just to make this pattern in a particular colour for some!

It's really wonderful to knit something that will only take a weekend and also to give something away that will keep a little one warm in this fickle spring weather.  Still too chilly for my liking!

Monday, June 28, 2010

You have to be fair!

A request was made by one of my nephews for a snake representing his chinese horoscope.  Using some variegated sock yarn from my yarn stash I whipped up one colourful snake which he loves.

Eyeing the snake, his younger brother quickly asked for a sheep which is his chinese horoscope animal.  I had to check all my craft books and the web to find the perfect design...found it in Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals by Linda Carr.  Also found the perfect fleece which is so wonderfully soft and huggable.  As the sheep's face is black it is hard to see his smile.  Hope my nephew will love it...as much as  I loved making it for him!

Blankets for All!

I was in a mood to make some blankets!  Found a lovely pattern on ravelry.com, the chalice blanket and wanted to make one for some younger members of my family.  Here they are enjoying the blankets that I knitted for them with love!  I love how they even match theor blankets!

I hope that they will cherish them and use them even when they grow up!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wally (aka Molly) for Lucas

As per an earlier request from Lucas, I quickly made another sock cat for Lucas for his birthday.

He promised that he would look after it, keep it clean and sleep with it.

Lucas was anxious to get home so that Wally (Molly 2) could meet Molly 1. Hope this means that he can give back the original Molly to his Mum! I'm so glad that he loved it straight away and hugged it all the time!

Now I better get down to making a few others that I have promised to other family members in readiness for their birthdays!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something for Me!

It's always lovely to make something for someone you love...to put special thoughts into it whilw you are creating it and then to gift it which is it fact like giving a bit of yourself away as a present.

It's also really nice to make something special for yourself. To remind yourself that you also need a present from time to time. That you are also special. (Special thanks to my husband for helping to string on my blocking frame...he understands how important it is to get this right for me).

Beatiful yarn and a special pattern (Haruni). So here's a present from me to me!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Something for my Mum

Worked on this hug-me-tight shawl/wrap since the beginning of January to make sure my Mum was able to wear it on her holidays. Made it with less than a week to go! I gave it to her yesterday and she liked it!

Beautiful wool (Rowan kidsilk haze) and great result though not the easiest of knits.

Seems like I love taking up the challenge of creating lace items these days....next major project will be for me! This doesn't mean I won't start up a few more smaller projects though. Then there's the challenge of knitting everyone for their birthdays this year...I should start up early for those rather than knit against the clock! Gotta keep my crafting hands busy.